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Helical Worm Gear Reducer (S series)

  1. Design Concepts: The combination of standardization and modularization allows interchangeability with international leading brands, while keeping structure rigidity and compactness.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Leveraging the advantages of high efficiency of helical gears and smooth transmission of worm gears, the reducer performs with outstanding stability and efficiency as high as 85%.
  3. Ratios Coverage: The ratio ranges between 1/8 ~ 1/210, providing wide range of ratio accommodation, with 2 stages of reduction.
  4. Loading Capacity: Available with power ranges from 1/4HP up to 30HP, depending on different requirements and applications.
  5. Tensile Strength: Pinion, gears and worm shafts are made with 20CrMo alloy steel with carburization; the aluminum bronze worm wheels offers superior strength and endurance.
  6. Self-Lock: In certain condition, the load on the worm gear can’t drive the worm.
  7. Installation Flexibility: All models are designed for a choice of mounting position (M1~M6) specified by customers.
  8. Appearance Aesthetics: The reducers are designed with modern exterior while maintaining high rigidity.
Size Output-Shaft [mm] M2 [Nm] Max I - Min I - Max
S37 20 76 8.00 157.40
S47 25 160 7.97 201.47
S57 30 280 7.97 201.47
S67 35 480 7.70 207.90
S77 45 810 9.33 189.50
S87 60 1500 8.96 174.50
S97 70 3240 9.55 231.67