"Chenta Machinery Works" was established at Tzu-Chian 2nd Road, Kaohsiung City. She engaged in engine crankshaft grinding, cylinder and engine overhaul.


Founded"Jen Wu Machinery Co.,Ltd."In Jen WuVillage,Kaohsiung Hsien.Started manufacturing "CHENTA BRANDworm gear speed reducers (technology provided by Mitaka Koki, Japan). Capital $1.5 million NT dollars.


Bought the land in Feng Shan Industrial Zone. Started the construction of standard concrete plant.


Started the export. Smoothly delivered the first order to Chicago,Illinois,USA. Due to excellent company performance, Chen Gong University awarded Mr. Mao-Cheng Chen as an eminent alumnus.


Increased the capital to 3 million NT dollars. The Feng-Shan plant was completed. Combined the Jen Wu plant production into Feng-Shan new plant.


Increased the capital to 10 million NT dollars.


Successfully developed the largest horse power size 400 worm gear reducer in Taiwan for the usage in Taiwan Sugar Mill Company.


Started computerized on-line operation and AutoCAD computer-aided design. 1991 Purchased the largest worm thread grinder in Taiwan. Maximum length of work job is 1500 mm.


Successfully developed size 500 and size 625 large HP worm gear reducers for steel mill application.


Increased the capital to 20 million NT dollars. Established USA branch office - GearKing, Inc., developing USA market.


Completed Kwo-Lian Steel Mill Company's 800 HP roller mill gearbox. Customer was pleased with the quality.


Technique interchange with Japan Makishinko. Sent company's cadre members to Japan for training.


5-S Drive: Order, Reorganize, Sweep, Clean, Cultivation (pronounced in Japanese).


Purchased gear tester from Osaka Seimitsu, Japan. Started manufacturing new product - helical gear reducers


Awarded ISO 9002 international quality certification.


Maiden exhibition of CHENTA speed reducers in the Hannover Messer, Germany. 2500 Completed and start operating in the 5000 M2 modern plant in Jen Wu.


Updated the computer management system to WORKFLOW-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) for windows 2000 version.


Located in Ja-Din Area, Shanghai, China, the agent office, CHENYI Machinery Co., was setup to serve customers in Mainland China directly. Cooperated with Department of Mechanical Engineering in National Cheng Kung University to import Finite Element Analysis-FEA technology to optimize the design of our gear products.


Converted ISO 9002 to ISO 9001-2000 version


Having a new 3-Dimensions Inspection Equipment, with horizontal CNC machine, upgrade the accuracy of machining job.


Establishing branch office in California, USA.


Becoming CSC (China Steel Corp.) official contractor for gearboxes maintenance.


The president Mr. M. C. Chen is awarded the most outstanding alumnus honor by National Cheng Kung University


September: obtain ISO9001:2008 certificated

2009 November

appointed by Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C to be a demontration factory for Medium and Small Sized Enterprises in the country.


Awarded Energy-saving certificate for Aerators.


Chenta Precision Machinery Industrial Inc.

Established: 1971

Capital: NTD25,000,000

Employee: 99 (Taiwan Office/Plant)


General Manager's Message 

In 1960, Mr. Mao Cheng Chen, president of the company, and two colleagues in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Tainan Engineering College (predecessor of Cheng Kung University) established a company called "Chen Ta Machinery Works". It was named "Chen Ta" in honor of  their Alma mater, Cheng Kung University (called Chen Ta in short)

Chen Ta Machinery Works specialized in machining jobs such as grinding/re-building of the crankshafts of automobile and vessel engines, cylinder overhaul, and diesel tuning. Due to the excellent technique and cordial service, the company name was soon well known and the business became prosperous.

In 1971, Chen Ta Machinery began a partnership with Mitaka Koki, and Jen Wu Machinery Co., Ltd and CHENTA was established. The company started manufacturing, "CHENTA GEAR REDUCERS". Now CHENTA products are sold throughout Asia, and North America. In Taiwan, CHENTA remains at the top of the field.

Since the beginning, our conviction has been to "Gather excellent human resources, and research and manufacture high quality products". Our product policy is "Guaranteed Quality", "On Time Delivery", "Competitive Prices", "Rational Production", and "International Marketing".

The motto of our company is "INNOVATION", "HONESTY", "DILIGENCE", and "EFFICIENCY".

With our 40 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing and honest operation, a fine culture has grown inside the company. This spirit is our most precious resource.

To reach our long term operation goal, based on the company's existing cultural resources, we will: have high expertise in the field; serve our customers with respect; constantly improve ourselves; manufacture high quality and affordable speed reducers for our customers throughout the world, all so that we can grow together with our customers.